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Will you match Adler’s gift of $118?

Adler is a 10-year-old whose grandparents attend Woodside. This past month, he donated $118 to the Dream Centers of Michigan.

When his grandma asked why – what made him give his hard-earned money to the Dream Centers?

Adler replied, “I watch how much you and Papa give to people. I was thinking about the orphans and people who don’t have as much as we do. I don’t like that people don’t have what they need because they are just the same as us. I was thinking about Jesus.”

After a slight pause he further explained, “I had it in my mind already, so I wasn’t doing those chores for me, I was doing all the chores for them.”

Please donate now to support Dream Center’s outreach efforts to connect people to a community of support and resources equipping and empowering them toward their preferred future. Make sure you choose your Campus and Vision Fund, from the drop down, when submitting your amount.

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God continues to provide more and more opportunities for Woodside to serve Him.


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