The Woodside Vision Foundation was established in 2011.

How will you Invest? | current

Accelerating Today

God continues to provide more and more opportunities for Woodside to serve Him. New ministry initiative opportunities surface continually. Seeking God’s wisdom and guidance on these new ministry priorities is challenging and important, requiring prayer and resources.

Woodside Bible Church does not rely on support from the Foundation to help cover day-to-day operations. That support comes from the tithes and offerings of Woodside members and friends. Instead, support from the Woodside Vision Foundation is available to help support the expanding vision that God has laid on the hearts of the Woodside leadership.

Current Vision Opportunities

  • Participating in the following current vision opportunities will provide resources to Woodside, allowing it to accelerate reaching people with the Good News of Jesus.
  • These vision initiatives allow the church to reach above and beyond the everyday ministry operations that are supported by the tithes of the church congregation.
  • There are three primary categories of funding the Foundation provides to the church and its affiliated ministries:
    • Churches | Revitalize, plant, expand, resource and renovate
    • Leaders | Developing leaders for churches, homes and communities
    • Outreach | Reaching people and communities both locally and globally

Campus Accelerator Fund

The Campus Accelerator Fund [CAF] is a pool of resources provided by donors used to accelerate reaching people for Jesus.  These funds are used to rescue and revitalize partner congregations, expand current campus locations, and create new campuses.  When a campus is developed or matured, leaders are developed, evangelism happens, global partnerships are formed and Dream Centers are created.

Individual Ministry Fund

An Individual Ministry Fund provides investors who come into additional funds throughout  the year a way to earmark those dollars for Woodside ministry use. These individuals already support the church operations with their tithes, but desire to invest something beyond with  the additional funds God has entrusted to them.

Giving to Current Vision Opportunities

Following are some of the ways donors support the current vision opportunities of the Campus Accelerator Fund and/or create an Individual Ministry Fund.

Outright Gifts


Write a check or contribute online.

Publicly-traded Securities

Contribute appreciated publicly-traded securities and avoid the tax on the capital gain.

Real Estate and Other Personal Property

Contribute appreciated real estate and other personal property that has value and the Foundation is able to liquidate for use in reaching people for Jesus.

Individual Retirement Account (IRA) Distribution

For donors age 70 and up, direct the custodian of your IRA to transfer up to  $100,000 of your minimum required distribution (MRD) from your IRA to the Woodside Vision Foundation.  

Cash Value of Paid Up Life Insurance

Over the years, donors may have purchased life insurance policies that have a built-up cash value.


How will you Invest? | future

Accelerating Forever  

Americans, including Woodside members and friends, have succeeded in accumulating more wealth than ever before in the history of the world.  Many have been successful in their respective fields of work. They have everything they desire and have added much value to themselves and their families.

They also have been most generous during their lifetimes with their gifts of tithes and offerings to the church.  However, many members and friends long to influence people for Christ well beyond their lifetimes. They desire to invest some of their accumulated resources in a manner that will perpetually have a positive, lasting impact on society and communities for Christ.

Leaders Fund

Support for Leadership Development from this endowment fund provides ongoing funding from the Foundation assisting the church in perpetually training pastoral and lay leadership necessary in supporting the expansion of the church campuses.  These funds will strengthen the church providing strong leaders who are theologically grounded and able to stand their ground with absolute truth in a culture that most likely will continue its hostile view toward Christians.

Outreach Fund

Support for Outreach from this endowment fund provides ongoing funding for many ministry areas such as the Dream Centers, evangelism, global partnerships, orphan rescue, human  trafficking, special needs, senior care, children and youth and other important ministries of the Church.

Giving to Future Vision Opportunities

Bequest by Will or Trust

This gift is typically a testamentary gift (upon death) and the gift provision is designated in the last will and testament or a living trust.  There are several types of bequests that allow you to designate how your estate will be distributed.

Retirement Plan Designation

All or a portion of a retirement plan may be designated to the Woodside Vision Foundation. [Note: donors may also include outright gifts from an IRA as previously described in Current Vision Opportunities.]

Life Insurance Designation

All or a portion of a life insurance policy may be designated to the Woodside Vision Foundation.  [Note: donors may also make outright gifts of life insurance policies as previously described in Current Vision Opportunities.]

Charitable Income Trust

Also known as a Charitable Lead Trust, this trust pays income to the Woodside Vision Foundation for either a term of years or for the life of the donor.  

Life Income Gifts

There are several types of gifts that donors can create that will pay back to the donor

(and/or another named beneficiary) income for life.  

Charitable Remainder Trust

This trust pays income to named individual beneficiaries for life or for a period of years (not to exceed 20). Once complete, the remaining value of the trust is distributed to Woodside Vision Foundation.  [Note: The Foundation may also be named as one of the income beneficiaries]

Charitable Gift Annuity

This gift is a contract between the Woodside Vision Foundation and a donor.   

The Foundation promises to pay the donor (and another person if desired) an annual fixed payment amount in exchange for a charitable contribution.

Pooled Income Fund Trust

This is a charitable trust that operates like a mutual fund. A donor contributes to the trust and is assigned units based on the unit value and the contribution amount. The trust then distributes income to the unit holders for life. Upon the death of a unit  holder, the unit value is removed from the trust and used by the Foundation for its charitable purposes.

Retained Life Estate

In making this gift, a donor deeds property (real estate) to the Foundation in exchange for a retained life estate allowing the donor to live on the property for the remainder of his or her life.  Upon the death of the donor the Foundation may use the property for whatever purposes it determines in carrying out its charitable mission.

Bargain Sale

This gift is a contract between a donor and the Foundation stating that the donor  will give to the Foundation an asset in exchange for a sum of money that is considerably less than the value of the contributed asset. The donor may claim a  charitable contribution deduction on his or her current income tax for the value of the contributed asset that remuneration was not paid.

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