Future Leaders


From Generation Next in Royal Oak to the hills of the Zapotecs in Mexico to the young ministry students coming out of Kiev in the Ukraine, Woodside is devoted to the development of God’s servants into the next generation.  What will the church look like in 25 years?  No one really knows but it will probably be different from what it looks like today.

Today’s generation of potential leaders is being challenged by a pervasive culture of relativism.  America and much of the world has moved into a dominant post-Christian (and even anti-Christian) culture.  We at Woodside have been blessed with talent, skills and resources.  We want to share those with young men and women throughout America and the world.  We want to help teach them to establish ministries and working churches around the globe and position them for success in building the future church of Jesus Christ.  We can do that by offering internships to work among the many Woodside ministries for a short time, while God confirms His call upon their hearts.

Goal: $150,000
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