Ndyodi’s Xki’sna

Until this year, the largest people group in the Americas without a translation of the Bible in their own language were the Zapotecs of Mexico. Some 75,000 Zapotecas live indigenous lives in the valleys and mountains of Oaxaca. From among them came the mexicofamous Mexican revolutionary leader Benito Juarez. Mysterious, reclusive, the Zapotecs have lived a life outside of the “mainstream.” Many have never heard the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Partnering with the Seed Company, a translation of the New Testament has been completed and the Old Testament is on the way. Solar powered radios, called “proclaimers”, have been designed to reach thousands of people formerly unreached. Woodside is dedicated to help the Zapotecs develop a self-sustaining local church and to help equip their leaders to minister Christ in a difficult area of the world.

Bible Translation
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The Printed Word.

One Woodside partner in India is Mano Daniel who prints over 20 million gospel tracks every year and distributes them among the world’s second most populous nation.  With india2new equipment, better facilities and help with the paper costs, we believe he can double that.  In a country where millions more can be reached with the Gospel, that’s Good News!

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Akha Light

There are over two million Akha people who live in the mountains and valleys of Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and Southern China.  Although these regions are substantially closed to Christianity and many have not heard the Word of God, thailandWoodside has enjoyed an ongoing relationship with Pastor Akha John.  With John, we have helped establish the Akha Light Bible Institute and established an orphanage on its campus.  Teachers, doctors, dentists and other skilled and dedicated volunteers from Woodside go out each year to reach the unreached and provide healing, literacy, training and hope for the young men and women of the Akha tribes who themselves go back into their own communities throughout the region and plant churches.  Through them, much of Asia and the Golden Triangle is being impacted with the love of Christ.

Thailand Bible
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ukraineOpening Doors in Eastern Europe

Ukraine has found itself in many headlines lately.  With civil unrest and threats from without and within, the need for the love of Christ among this ancient people has never been greater.  In partnership with Kiev Theological Seminary, Woodside is helping send national students into that region to share Christ and serve their communities.  Woodside provides microfinance which, at fairly low cost, offers help and hope in the critical first years to support each new student as they start out.  With a small amount of support, at a critical time, a few dollars promise great reward to a people and community with a continuing need for strength and hope.

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Team Woodside

Who We Are?

Team Woodside is a community of people helping each other cross the finish line while raising funds to protect orphans.

How Does It Work?

Team Woodside equips people to make a huge impact on protecting orphans through endurance events, while inviting people into personal journeys of health, physical fitness, and community. Many people want to get in shape and do it for a cause, but don’t know where to start. Team Woodside offers a fun and powerful way for people to tackle both. Team Woodside members do two things: train for the race and raise funds for orphans. Team Woodside provides training programs and resources, as well as a personal fundraising webpage to help. Team Woodside provides group training, offering team members a place to invite friends who may be far from God and who may not otherwise get involved in a church activity.

Running for
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