Lake Orion

Goal: $7.2 Million
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For many years, Woodside in Lake Orion occupied a local school for a few hours each week, hoping to serve the 100,000 people nearby. The area faces many challenges that we hope to address, one such area that God has placed on our hearts is the “special needs” community. We want to provide real hope and real change to the surrounding Lake Orion region.

We prayed. God worked. Now, in thelo2 middle of “Canterbury Village” and centered in Lake Orion’s strong and permanent location, set up to meet the needs of our neighbors, family and friends. The facility purchased was (and is) beautiful but needed some fixing up. Currently under renovation, the Canterbury Village site will be a practical and functional center, allowing the energies and resources of Woodside volunteers to focus on helping people grow in their relationship with Christ and reaching out into our community.” -Pastor Rick.

A Pilgrimage to “Canterbury” reveals God and his people at work in Lake Orion.

Royal Oak

New Building
Goal: $2.5 Million
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Royal Oak is a campus which has been blessed and which seeks to bless many. The campus draws folks from Birmingham, Ferndale, Clawson, Huntington Woods and Royal Oak among other communities. There is preciousro2 little parking and virtually no room for expansion. Yet people come. Not because it is the most comfortable place, but because it is exciting to be in a place where God is at work.

Our vision for Royal Oak is to find an existing building or build a new campus in a visible area nearby. Such a facility would enable us to develop dynamic programs for kids, youth and ro1families in our neighborhood.

“We have people coming from all different walks of life at Royal Oak. We want to show our neighbors what a healthy church family looks like and help build their families strong in Jesus Christ.” – Pastor Andy


New Building
Goal: $1 Million
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det2Woodside Detroit is building from the inside out. We are dozens of neighborhood groups partnered with area non-profits to help those in need. When many were moving out of the city, Woodside Detroit moved in.

The city of Detroit remains the core of our Metropolitan area. It struggles with poverty and joblessness. Its past includes sordid tales of corruption and bankruptcy, but its future promises a story of new life. God loves Detroit and so do we. Dedicated to be the hands and feet of Jesus in our community, Woodside Detroit has partnered with others to tackle issues like child illiteracy, providing tutoring to children who need it. We build relationships with families in the area with barbeques, vacation school and scholarships to camp. We see God at work every day.

Woodside Detroit meets at a borrowed school facility. Our vision is to build a permanent church home to be a pillar of hope and new beginnings for a new community of faith and works in action.