White Lake Campus

Not to long ago our White Lake Campus was meeting in a gym. Now they meet in a new 800 seat worship center and they moved in debt-free because of your generous giving! new people are coming to the campus every week and lives are being changed.

Lake Orion Campus

Who would have thought that the Always Christmas Store at Canterbury Village would be the home to our Lake Orion campus! Renovations have been completed and the facility opened May of 2015. We look forward to seeing how Jesus will continue to change the lives of the people in the Lake Orion and surrounding communities through this wonderful new facility.

Pontiac Campus

We prayed God would surprise us and did he ever! he showed us a former church and rec center that was up for sale. God moved in peoples hearts to give over $800,000 in just a few short months and we purchased the building and hired staff! Thousands of people have already been reached through the ministry of the church. We know this is just the beginning of what God is doing in the city of Pontiac!

Future Church

Developing leaders and a pipeline for them to serve is essential as we continue to grow. Last year we piloted a program called 40/40. Forty leaders under the age of 40 gathered once a month with focused time on character and leadership development. We look forward to expanding our internship program, launching 40/40 2.0 and beginning a strategic residence program!



Over 75,000 people are beginning to read and hear the Word of God for the first time. The Gospels of John and Mark and five other books have been translated. Three others have been drafted and will be completed soon.


In our continued partnership with Kiev Theological Seminary, we planted a church and are providing monthly support to a recently graduated pastor for the next two years until the church becomes self-sustaining.


The first phase of the Akha Light Bible Institute is complete! One hundred pastors have been trained and are returning to their villages to teach people about Jesus. An entire Akha village – 200 people – in the communist dictatorship of Laos became Christians and received permission to build the first Akha church ever in that country.