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We believe at the core of thriving churches, homes and communities are vibrant and healthy leaders (2 Timothy 2:2). It is for this very reason that we believe God has called Woodside Bible Church to be a hub for leadership development in the Midwest.
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Developing Leaders In Our Churches, Homes and Communities

We will help identify, develop and nurture thousands of men and women every year. We will provide multiple engagement touchpoints, as well as resources that will help them to flourish as they develop their own leadership skills, the skills of others, and those of teams and the churches they serve.

  • 1,300 pastors and ministry leaders trained, 48 interns, 39 residents over the past 2 years at the Woodside Leadership Institute
  • Lodge – $230,000

Ways to Give

God continues to provide more and more opportunities for Woodside to serve Him. Invest in accelerating today and the future.

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