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More and more people are identifying as religious nones; people believing in a higher power, but not believing in God as described in the Bible. Fewer people are attending church and those who do are attending less frequently.

Locally & Globally

So how do we reach them? We go to them. We show them the power of the life-changing Gospel lived out in our lives, through our local and global outreach initiatives, and by expanding our digital presence.

We show them radical compassion by serving. We share stories and invite them to join us on a journey where the truth of God’s Word will shape and point them to the life-changing love of Jesus.

  • Dream Centers – $75,000
  • Mexico Bible Translation – $15,000
  • Word Sowers Africa – $60,000
  • Hamtramck – $18,000
  • Samaria – $24,000
  • Dearborn – $18,000
  • Thailand Bible Institute – $15,000
  • Digital Strategy – $186,000
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Local Outreach

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Digital Outreach

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Global Outreach

Ways to Give

God continues to provide more and more opportunities for Woodside to serve Him. Invest in accelerating today and the future.

Current Projects

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